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The Story of Elektronik – Sweden’s most important meeting place for the electronics industry

Since 2011, Elektronikmässan has been organized in Gothenburg with a clear goal of becoming the largest and most essenitial meeting place for the electronics industry in Sweden. June 2022, we finally launched in Stockholm through a unique collaboration with Svensk Elektronik, and on April 10-11, 2024, we will once again open our doors at Kistamässan!

We are passionate about networking and believe in the power of face-to-face interactions. That’s why we work tirelessly to create an arena that makes it easy for you to meet, grow, and do business.

During two efficient days, we bring together a diverse range of participants, from emerging startups to established industry giants, to discuss crucial topics, explore trends, and create fantastic business opportunities. We invite experts, influencers, international professionals, developers, and analysts to contribute with their insights. The entire industry comes together, and we dare to claim that it is here, at Elektronik, where we generate possibilities and create the conditions to drive the future development of the electronics industry.

Unique collaboration with Svensk Elektronik

Svensk Elektronik is Sweden’s leading industry organization for manufacturers, developers, and suppliers within the electronics sector. Together with its many member companies, Svensk Elektronik forms the country’s largest network within the electronics industry, serving as the industry’s most crucial platform for collaboration and business.
Within Svensk Elektronik, members come together as colleagues for knowledge exchange, inspiration, business opportunities, and partnerships. Member companies also receive continuous information and exclusive invitations to the industry’s most important fairs and events.

Exclusively for Svensk Elektronik members exhibiting at Elektronikmässan, we are pleased to offer a 15% discount on the stand price. Want to join? Click here!

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Sweden's most important meeting place for the electronics industry

How can a visit enhance you and your business, or what can participation as an exhibitor mean for your future ventures? Discover all the advantages that Elektronik can bring to your organization!

Always parallell with:

Elektronik is always organized in parallel with Advanced Engineering, the meeting place for product development and sourcing in the manufacturing industry. This proven and highly regarded concept generates a range of synergistic effects that provide advantages for both visitors and exhibitors at the fair.

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