Sweden's premier meeting place for the Electronics industry

The entire Electronics industry is coming together once again! Elektronikmässan, Sweden’s most important meeting place for the electronics industry, is returning to Stockholm.
Meet the industry’s leading companies at Kistamässan on April 10-11, 2024. Elektronikmässan brings together top suppliers, industry organizations, and offers an inspiring seminar program, panel discussions, and activities.

Inspiring seminar program

Stay updated on news and trends

Get an overview of what’s happening in the electronics market, ranging from design and production to innovative electronic solutions with a prominent sustainability perspective.
At Elektronikmässan 2022, we had the privilege of listening to industry experts like Gunnar Malm, one of Sweden’s leading researchers in semiconductors and nanoelectronics. Rebecka Carlsson shared her tech insights from Singularity University and NASA, providing a crash course on sustainable development and the exciting business opportunities that arise when climate change and exponential technologies intersect.

Discover new suppliers & connections

Leading players in the industry

Elektronikmässan brings together the entire electronics industry to provide you with the latest advancements in electronics manufacturing, software development, product news, and innovations.
Elektronikmässan Stockholm makes it easy for you to nurture existing relationships, network, forge new contacts, and find solutions. Meet the leading players in the electronics industry at Elektronikmässan in Stockholm!

ICT Energy invites everyone to a day filled to the brim during Elektronikmässan

All day Conference

On June 16th, the ICT Energy section invites you to a full-day conference in connection with Elektronikmässan Stockholm.
“We are passionate about promoting technology development and contributing to the exchange of experiences in the field of energy and power supply for ICT applications. Therefore, we have chosen to host the conference in connection with Elektronikmässan, as it provides an excellent opportunity to connect with colleagues in our field now that the industry has finally gathered in Stockholm,” says Åke Ericsson, Chairman of the ICT Energy section at Swedish Electronics.
ICT Energy targets companies involved in the development, sale, or use of products intended to generate, transform, store, distribute, and monitor energy for information management and communication systems (ICT systems). The operational activities of the Swedish INTELEC association now form a section within Swedish Electronics known as ICT Energy.
A limited number of companies have the opportunity to become sponsors, offering a unique chance to gain visibility before, during, and after the seminar. For further information, please contact a member of the ICT Energy Board.

The entire electronics industry
Build lasting relationships through physical meetings!

Today, face-to-face interaction is among the most valuable assets we have. Now, you have the opportunity to meet the electronics industry face to face, establish new connections, conduct crucial business, gain insights, and mingle with like-minded individuals who share your passion!


Smart Badge, your digital business card

When you visit Elektronikmässan, there’s no need to carry around heavy brochures. This event utilizes smart badge technology. Simply hold your badge near the readers located throughout the exhibition, and it will automatically register which booths you’ve visited. This allows us to send you a summary of your day, providing digital information about the exhibitors you’ve shown interest in. Plus, your digital business card will be shared with them.

It’s easy, fast, and environmentally friendly!