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Sweden's premier meeting place for the Electronics industry

Sweden’s premier meeting place for the Electronics industry returns to Stockholm. Meet the industry’s leading companies at Kistamässan on April 2-3, 2025. The Electronics Fair brings together leading suppliers, industry organizations, and offers an inspiring seminar program, panel discussions, and activities.

Discover new suppliers & connections

Leading players in the industry

Elektronikmässan brings together the entire electronics industry to provide you with the latest advancements in electronics manufacturing, software development, product news, and innovations.
Elektronikmässan Stockholm makes it easy for you to nurture existing relationships, network, forge new contacts, and find solutions. Meet the leading players in the electronics industry at Elektronikmässan in Stockholm!

Nätverka | Elektronik
Presentation | Elektronik

Inspiring seminar program

Stay updated on news and trends

Get an overview of what’s happening in the electronics market, spanning from design and production to innovative electronic solutions with a prominent sustainability perspective. At the Electronics Fair 2025, you’ll get the latest updates concerning the electronics industry. Alongside the Electronics Fair, the Advanced Engineering fair is also being organized.

On our two stages, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to insightful conversations, engaging discussions, and take away inspiring news for the future.

Al Pitcher | Tech Gala

The Tech Gala

The Tech Gala provides a fantastic opportunity for technology enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders to come together and celebrate innovation and advancements in the world of technology.

The gala aims to create a relaxed and festive atmosphere, with several delightful surprises planned throughout the evening.

Included in the Embedded Conference Scandinavia

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Rolemodel of the year


Female Role Model of the Year in the Electronics Industry 2024!

Together with Phoenix Contact, we are making an extensive investment to draw attention to women in the electronics industry. At Plats på Elektronikmässan 10-11 April 2024 at Kistamässan Stockholm, the year’s female role model in the electronics industry will be named.

Take part in an interview with 2023 winner Helene Winberg



Ta del av en intervju med 2023 års vinnare Helene Winberg 

Smart Event | Elektronik


When you visit Elektronikmässan, there’s no need to carry around heavy brochures. This event utilizes smart badge technology. Simply hold your badge near the readers located throughout the exhibition, and it will automatically register which booths you’ve visited. This allows us to send you a summary of your day, providing digital information about the exhibitors you’ve shown interest in. Plus, your digital business card will be shared with them.

It’s easy, fast, and environmentally friendly!