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The 19”, 3U power distribution unit Rack Safety Plus supplies AC mains power and DC power to electrical or electronic devices as a central power switch with emergency stop function.

400 V 3-phase, 230 V 1-phase mains input with mains fuses, 1-phase 120 V AC (phase to neutral) or 1-phase 208 / 240 V AC (phase to phase or phase to neutral)

AC outputs with different connector types from Schuko, C13, C19, NEMA 5-15R etc. connectors, switched by ON/OFF switch

Permanent AC Outputs (Service)

All outputs are protected by circuit breakers

The emergency stop function meets the requirements of EN 60947-5-1 and EN 60204-1 and is vandalism-proof

Choose a standard configuration, or quickly and easily create own configuration from predefined components.


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