ACTEC offers a variety of rechargeable batteries

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ACTEC offers a variety of rechargeable batteries. We do this because there is a big difference in the technology that is included in the batteries. And with different technology come different features, applications and features.
Panasonic Li-Ion batteries are a frequently used technology as it is a perfect combination of high energy density, safety and long life, making the rechargeable battery suitable for portable equipment.
Ni-MH is particularly suitable at low or high temperatures where Li-Ion batteries are not suitable. In addition, Ni-MH batteries are not subject to the same transport restrictions as Li-Ion.
we offer a comprehensive lead battery series (VRLA), which includes many different product groups; from batteries with a lifespan of 6-9 years, 10-12 years and 15 years, to batteries for cyclic and energy-intensive applications. The series includes solutions for every need.


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