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Rochester Electronics

In an interesting interview with Rochester Electronics Sales Director Paul Green, we get to dive deeper into Rochester Electronics participation at Elektronikmässan on the 10-11th of April 2024.

Tell me about Rochester Electronics and what you do?
Rochester Electronics is an authorized distributor and licensed manufacturer of semiconductors, working with over 70 of the world’s leading original chip manufacturers. We support customers with both active and obsolete devices available in stock along with the capability to continue manufacturing of components made EOL by the original manufacturer.

This allows our customers to avoid redesigns, or risk quality by sourcing from the open market and enabling them to continue production of their legacy programs.

What is your goal with your participation in the fair? 
The fair gives us the ideal opportunity to meet with new customers and continue discussions with those that already work with Rochester Electronics.

We get to learn more about the industries and our customer requirements so that we ensure we have product and solutions to support our customers and suppliers in the most effective ways.

Rochester Electronics continues to expand our supplier base with new authorisations including SkyHigh, ISSI, Semtech and Skyworks, so the fair gives us the opportunity to make our customers aware of the growing portfolio we are able to offer.

What can visitors expect from you? 
We are always delighted to meet with customers and share market information and discuss about what the critical issues that are being faced today by companies looking to manage component obsolescence . We will have our regional team at the fair to present our ever expanding capabilities in component manufacturing and review customer requirements.

Who are your services targeted towards, and how do you create value for your customers? 
Most of the customers we work with are those with hi-rel applications, often with long production times and maintenance contracts to support legacy products. Our value is to offer an ongoing supply of semiconductors, no longer available from the manufacturer or other authorised distributors, so the customer is able to continue with producing their products. This means that valuable resources within our customers are not having to redesign old platforms, but can focus on developing new ones. Furthermore, this means re-certification costs and delays, production stops, and open market quality concerns can be avoided.

What will be on display at your booth at Elektronikmässan? 
We will be able to share the solutions we provide, showcase a range of devices we have manufactured and offer the expertise from the team dedicated to our customers in the region.

Rochester Electronics has a vast inventory of product and we will be able to confirm live at the fair how we can support customer’s requirements if they can bring their requests along!

You will be able to meet Rochester Electronics at Elektronikmässan on the 10-11th April 2024 in Kistamässan, Stockholm.

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